Beschreibungen der jetzt erwachsenen Hundes des              A-Wurfes durch ihre Besitzer

Amadeus vom Forsthaus Zähringen

Rufname: Aske

PDF-Dokument [2.4 MB]

Hello Heike and Rolf


Time for update about Aske. Also I hope you watch pictures etc. from Facebook.


Aske is still kind and easy. 

He is taking care off all in the family with checking every room in the house, to see if everyone is OK.

He is very social and wants to be where we are. 

When we walk in the forest, he holds contact all the time. Runs forward, but comes back to check if we are coming.

Of course if there´s some animal fx deer, he runs further away. But always comes back again.

He is obedient and a very good campanion, when Ulrich goes hunting. 

Ulrich has trained apportering. They are going again for the next few weeks. Aske is doing very well on both water and field. 

Yesterday the practice was hare tow, and he did the job brilliant.

The work in water has become perfect. He does tow with high standard and is very effective.


Aske is both spurlaut and sichtlaut. Ulrich can hear if Aske has full contact or if it´s warm feed.


Last year we went to the pet doctor to check the hipes, and everything was totally perfect. Classe A.

I have attached the documents with test result from VJP, HZP and X-ray (HD status).


Ulrich has plans for hunting in Scotland with a friend this october, but this is without Aske. So he will stay home with mum (Lene)


We went to exhibition this February and he was classified Excellent. He received a super criticism. 

The best male dog of the day (but also the only one ?)

He received Certifikat for ExhibitionChampionat.

We are going for the second exhibition 11th. June. We hope for another good placement.

After this Aske can be approved for mating. We hope for this?


We also hope Fanya and you are doing well. 

If you have plan for holiday in Denmark, you are, of course, very welcome.


Best regards


Aske, Ulrich  and Lene